Wherez The Passion Programmers?

Something that I have felt for a long time was summed up beautifully in a single quote from an unknown author. It said

If construction workers made as crappy houses as us programmers make crappy software, civilizations would’ve crumble overnight.

Softwares are supposed to be the building blocks for a better tomorrow, the mirror of the present technology and a promise for an intelligent and far better automation in the future. But, when we work in the industry, what we get to see is nothing which seems to be fulfilling this promise. In fact, I sometimes feel highly ashamed of calling myself a programmer.

Most “programmers” out there are below average in their development skills. They are there because the industry needs people to back up the star programmers. They are there just because, they are an easy hire. 

Well, I believe it takes an effort, a tiny bit of an effort to become worthy of the name and post “Programmer”. You need not know everything, you actually can’t. But, one must be good at we he does. It is completely unacceptable to corrupt the industry and the future generations of programmers with some really lame code. Where’s the passion guys? Where’s the zeal?



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