File Organization Guidelines

The following is just an introductory into the file organization in Java.

1. Files longer than 2000 lines are cumbersome and should be avoided.

2. Beginning comments – 

 * Class name
 * Version info
 * Copyright notice
 * Author info
 * Creation date
 * Last updated By
 * Last updated Date
 * Description

3. Package and Import statements

package com.package.sub-package;

4. Class comments as java docs.


 *  This class is responsible for doing …..

5. Class statement


public class ClassName {}    /     public interface InterfaceName {}

6. Implementation Comment


 * This comment was not worthy of being mentioned in the java docs

7. Variables in the given order – (statics, public, protected, default, private)


public static String variable1;
protected static String variable2;
static String variable3 ;
private static String variable4;
public String variable5 ;
protected String variable6 ;
String variable7;
private String variable8; 

8. Constructors


ClassName() {}

9. Methods

The methods must be arranged as per the functionality and not by their scope or accessibility.

10. Inner Classes

Must go at the end of the classes


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