Evernote: Data Everywhere

imageThe cloud is in, and someone is using it to the fullest. Have you ever thought of keeping your data (your notebooks, pics, tutorials, notes, reminders and documents) with yourself, in your pocket. Now it can be done easily; just search for “Evernote” and you’ll get what I am trying to say.

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

Why use Evernote?

1. Remember everything. Just save a note in the Evernote application. Organize the notes in notebooks.

2. Tags – Easy Retrieval -Its more like a personal blog, where one can save content by tagging them and retrieving the data by tags. You may even share a notebook with some person if you want to.

3. Other Products -Also, one can use other products from evernote @ http://evernote.com/evernote/. The best products which can also be used as add ons/ plugins in Chrome and Firefox are:

    i) Web Clipper – The web clipper magically can make a note in evernote, using clippings from a web page or even a whole webpage.

    ii) Clearly – Clearly is a chrome/firefox plugin which converts every webpage into a simple readable page with predefined css. In case you like to read on the internet, using clearly will clear all the advertisements from your webpage. Also, making it very readable with large readable font. In case you think you’ll loose the diagrams embedded into the article. You won’t.


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