Simple Properties Files and Null Check

When performing a get on the properties from a property file, 

  1. If the property is entered, but the value is blank. e.g. file contains ‘field=’
    properties.get() returns ”
  2. If the property and its value is entered. e.g. file contains ‘field=value’
    properties.get() returns ‘value’
  3. If the property is not entered into the property file
    properties.get() will return null.

Lets the following code to demonstrate what I said just now.

class Tokenizer { 
    public static void main(String args[]) { 

          Properties properties = new Properties(); 
          try { 
              properties.load(new FileInputStream(“path/filename”)); 
          } catch(IOException e) { 

          StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(properties.get(“testInput”, “,”));  
          while(tokenizer.hasMoreTokens()) { 

Run the java file with without testInput.

This would result in a NullPointerException  However, putting “testInput=” or “testInput=value” will not result in a NullPointerException. Do ponder over it for a second. And you’ll realize how important the null pointer check is here.


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