Java Code Names


VersionDescription of Code NameCode NameDate of ReleaseJDK 1.1.4SparklerSept 12, 1997JDK 1.1.5PumpkinDec 3, 1997JDK 1.1.6A female character in BibleAbigailApril 24, 1998JDK 1.1.7Roman cognomen used by several politiciansBrutusSept 28, 1998JDK 1.1.8Name of a person/Football clubChelseaApril 8, 1999J2SE 1.2PlaygroundPlaygroundDec 4, 1998J2SE 1.2.1(none)March 30, 1999J2SE 1.2.2CricketJuly 8, 1999J2SE 1.3KestrelMay 8, 2000J2SE 1.3.1LadybirdMay 17, 2001J2SE 1.4.0MerlinFeb 13, 2002J2SE 1.4.1HopperSept 16, 2002J2SE 1.4.2MantisJune 26, 2003J2SE 5.0 (1.5.0)TigerSept 29, 2004Java SE 6MustangJava SE 7



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