Death Note, The Movie

To begin with, lemme just state that I found nothing spectacular about the movie. However, the story line was intriguing and that is why the movie would appeal to any Indian viewer, as they aren’t used to such different stories. I’ve noticed that the asian movies(actually the eastern asia) are heavenly influenced by their folk tales, and so is Death Note which first used to be an anime series. However, in India mythology is a greater hit, that too on the smaller screen. cite: Mahabharata, Ramayana, Krishna katha etc.

Death Note Movie


The death note is a story about a dangerous notebook. ‘Dangerous’, because everybody whose name is written in the notebook, ‘dies’. There were certain rules the book followed. 

  1. The owner must imagine the face of the person while writing his/her name in the notebook, so that someone else with the same name doesn’t die.
  2. If the cause of the death is not mentioned in the notebook within the next 40 seconds, the person will die of a heart attack.
  3. The owner also could control the course of the death, by specifying the exact cause, date and time of death within 6 min of writing the name.

One day a young boy(Light) finds out a dark truth about the conviction of the criminals in Japan. He is shocked to know that not all the guilty people are executed. He starts loathing the legal system for it.

One evening he finds a notebook, with a black cover with the title ‘death note’. He reads the rules, and decides to try it out. He soon realizes the power of the notebook and decides to use it to eliminate the criminals from the whole world. To add to the spice, his father is the chief of the security of a mission which is aimed at catching the person behind the murders of these criminals. The Japan govt. seeks help from an international detective and genius ‘L’. His identity is kept a big mystery till the major part of the story is over. The story revolves around the battle between L and Light. Both use their intellect and try and get better of each other.

The movie may not have some amazing animation and its not a movie on which large fortune was spent. But, somehow due to the fantastic and unique story line, it has the capabilities to enthrall audience of any age. Here is the much needed doze of mystery, if you have been missing it. I give the movie 3.5/5. (Like it matters.)

Does anybody know?

In case anybody knows, where can I download more Japanese movies dubbed in English. Please reply to this post.


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